In Recess Blog: 2021 Reflections and Prosecutor Well-being

By Anissa Figaro posted 02-07-2022 12:13


Contributing Author: Joyce E. Dudley, District Attorney, Santa Barbara County (CA)

Photo credit: RomoloTavani/iStock

2021 comes to an end I find myself counting my blessings even, or perhaps especially because of the difficult year and job that we all share.

Everyone reading this article knows how helpless a crime victim can feel; be they an actual victim, the loved one of a victim or someone whose fear of crime keeps them isolated.

Every day we see the devastating effects of crime and the toll it takes on our communities.

After almost 32 years of doing this work I also understand the impact it has on all of us and our loved ones.

It’s nearly impossible to do the work we do without being affected by it, but we became prosecutors because it was impossible for us to stand by and do nothing.

Every day each of us has the opportunity to make a positive difference in our communities, and for that, we are all very fortunate.

Wishing every member of the National District Attorney Association Family a Happy New Year and countless moments of counting your blessings.